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Online order: Select the products you are interested in, fill in your details in the order form and then press Send Order. As soon as we receive your order, we check the correctness of the information you have filled in. In the event that you have chosen a Custom product or we need further clarifications for some products, we will contact you immediately.

Order Payment

Credit or Debit Card

1. During the process of Completing your Order, choose from the options (Payment Method) the Option => (By credit card (VivaWallet))
2. Then after pressing the "Confirm order" button you will be transferred to Viva Payment's Secure Environment. Your card details will be entered there to complete the payment of your Order. Our Website ( does not have access to your card data as the payment is made in the secure environment of the cooperating bank (Vivawallet).
3. After you have successfully completed the payment, you will automatically return to our store and receive an informative email with the confirmation of your order and its number. Your order will be processed immediately, you do not need to take any other action.

In the event that an error occurs during Payment, the order remains pending and the products are returned to the cart. For any information, please send us an email at [email protected]

When purchasing digital products, the processing of your order is immediate. From the "My Account" page and the "Downloads" tab you have direct access to them.

Digital Products


Definition: Digital products are all files that you can download to your computer after completing your purchase.
In our store we mainly have two categories of digital files.
3D printable product files : which are used to manufacture the products you have purchased.
Code files or part of C++ code : which is used to complete your project.

Not Shipped

By purchasing a digital product you will not receive a physical product by courier. Instead, on the downloads page of your account you will find the file you just purchased and you can download it to your computer!

Before purchase

Before proceeding with the purchase of any digital product, make sure that you have the appropriate knowledge and skills to proceed with their proper exploitation. In case you bought a digital product, which is intended for 3D printing, it is obvious that you need a 3D printer. If you don't have a 3D printer, our store offers a 3D printing service. The prices of our 3D printing service are extremely low, with high quality in every detail in our manufacturing to capture our identity!

Accordingly when purchasing part or all of the code, you should have the appropriate knowledge and the corresponding components to be able to run the code. If you bought a code that controls a light via Arduino you should have both the Arduino and the light. In any case, in our store you can find many components, for every project.


For the smooth operation of our store as well as your convenience in accessing digital products, it is necessary to complete your order by registering, and not as a guest. As the only way to access the digital products you have purchased is through the downloads tab of your account. In the event that you complete your purchase as a guest, you will need to contact us by phone to create your new account.


To download the digital products immediately, complete your payment with a debit card. With this method, the payment is automatically confirmed and you have direct access to the Digital Products from the Downloads tab of your account.


In the case of updating a file or the entire digital product you have purchased, we will send you an e-mail with the new updated files which you can then use from the downloads tab of your account. Be sure to check your e-mail often or you can check your profile in our store.


Digital product Refunds are not accepted. As there is no way for us to confirm the deletion of our digital products from your computer.

It is prohibited

The products you have purchased are exclusively personal to you. Any reproduction or communication thereof is prohibited.
In case you make illegal notifications or reposts of the products you bought, we can very easily track you down and proceed with the necessary legal procedures.
Respect the work we do so we can respect you.

Privacy Policy

The less we know the better!

The General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR, does not apply to our store. We do not collect, process or manage your personal data. We only have access to data that you give us!
The only reason we ask for your information is so that you can receive your order.
In case you want to buy digital files, you can also use a User Name.

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